About AZ Armaturen

AZ Armaturen GmbH is an innovative, family-owned manufacturer of special industrial valves for the highest demands. Worldwide, in particular, the chemical and petrochemical industry, the semiconductor industry, fertilizer manufacturers, geothermal and seawater desalination plants are supplied by AZ. With its own international sales offices, production plants and foundries, around 600 persons are employed worldwide in Germany, Brazil, South Africa, China, the USA and Russia.

Numerous sales branches and service support centres, such as AZ-Benelux (Amsterdam), AZ-Poland (Warsaw), AZ-Italy (Milan) and AZ-Rhineland, AZ Eurasia (St. Petersburg), AND AZ Valves North America (Houston,TX,USA) guarantee good technical assistance for our customers.

Typical product application examples:

Chemistry/Petrochemistry: Plug valves and sampling systems for aggressive, toxic, crystallising and polymerising media (e.g. acetic acid, melamine applications, TDI/MDI production processes etc.)

Refineries: Heating jacket valves for bitumen, sulphur, sulphuric acid and for retrieving sulphur

Paper and pulp industry: Plug valves for chlorine and sulphuric acid applications

Fertilizer industry: Plug valves for ammoniac and urea applications

Shipbuilding: Plug valves for heavy oil and diesel applications

Food industry: Plug valves for steam applications, and plug valves with full circular passage for abrasive media

Sea water desalination: Plug valves for osmosis plants

Production plants: Plug valves for control applications

Facts about AZ Armaturen
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

Product portfolio of AZ Armaturen

Product portfolio

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