About Pacific Genuity

Pacific Genuity, Inc. is a professional chemical trading and consulting company invested by Eastman. We specialize in helping global companies do business in China's chemical market. We offer customized solutions to help leading global companies identify, evaluate, and capture China opportunities in procurement, sales, and Custom Synthesis. Pacific Genuity has served China business strategic needs of a number of world-class global Fortune 500 clients. Third Party Supply Chain Management Service:

* Manage price negotiation, quality consistency, supply reliability, and delivery risks * Provide full trading and logistics support to deliver product to your global facilities

China Sourcing Service:

* Prioritize your products to source from China for greatest savings * Identify and qualify the best China supplier * Conduct supplier visits, due diligence, and support sample testing

Custom and Contract Manufacturing Service:

* Identify the highest return on investment projects to outsource to China * Identify the best China manufacturing partner, or manufacturing sites * Manage risks, negotiate, and implement you outsourcing strategy in China.

Marketing and Sales Services:

* Determine attractiveness of China market for your products * Develop distribution partnership network * Identify top customers, conducting and supporting sales * Provide complete, tailored China marketing solution

Our company's integrated, in-depth service solutions and extensive network in China enable us to uniquely serve global chemical companies' business needs in China.

Facts about Pacific Genuity
  • Focus : Distributor
  • Industry : Chemistry

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