Central Glass Germany GmbH


Central Glass Germany is dedicated to process development, upscaling and production of active ingredients and intermediates for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. It operates a FDA and EU inspected facility in Halle-Kuensebeck. An experienced and highly skilled team of organic chemists and support functions, such as analytical specialists and QA/QC team, ensure success and high quality of our projects.

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    Girindus sells activities in Kuensebeck to Central Glass

    Girindus AG sold its industrial activities at the production site in Halle-Kuensebeck. Acquirer is Central Glass Germany GmbH, an affiliate of Central Glass Co., Ltd., Japan. Central Glass Germany GmbH takes over process development, upscaling, cGMP production of active pharmaceutical ingre ... more

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    Central Glass Co., Ltd.

    Central Glass is specialised in the manufacture and sale of flat glass, processed glass, building materials and other glass products; soda, chlorine, organic and inorganic fluorine compounds, fertilizers and other chemical products; glass fiber products; synthetic resins, as well as the pro ... more