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Biolin Scientific creates, makes and sells analytical instruments for the use in research, development, quality control and diagnostics. The mission is to contribute to the progress of science and technology, and thereby participate in the development of better healthcare, living standards and environmental conditions.

Biolin Scientific products are high-tech, precision analytical instruments based on advanced measurement techniques. The core application area for our products is nanotechnology, applied to bioscience and materials R&D.

Biolin Scientific is an international business with its head-quarters in Göteborg, Sweden. The group consists of five product companies that are focused on the development of their respective brands and technologies. The products are made by the internal production organization in Finland. Customers are served directly through our own sales organization in the US, UK and the Nordic countries. In an additional 70 geographical markets throughout the world, distribution is secured through a network of more than 50 distribution partners. In all, Biolin Scientific has 70 employees in Maryland, Connecticut and California in the US, in Coventry in the UK, in Göteborg and Stockholm in Sweden, in Helsinki in Finland and in Shanghai in China.

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    Farfield group Ltd joins Biolin scientific

    Biolin Scientific has agreed to acquire the analytical instruments provider Farfield Group. The acquisition of Farfield complements Biolin Scientific’s product portfolio and provides new application opportunities in bioscience. The main motivation for the acquisition is to substantially inc ... more