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Advion, Ltd.

Clever Concepts to Integrate Mass Spectrometry into Your Workflows

For over 20 years, Advion has been developing and producing user-friendly, modular mass spectrometric systems, enabling a variety of applications. In the focus of the analyses are molecular compounds - both organic and inorganic - which are made available to mass spectrometric detection by ‘soft ionization’ (ESI, APCI, ASAP®).

With the expression CMS, Advion provides a compact single-Q mass spectrometer, which enables uncomplicated mass determination of substances within minutes. A selection of clever sampling modules allows direct analysis of dissolved, solid and gaseous molecules. The automated analysis of components separated by thin-layer chromatography is another special feature. In addition, the mass spectrometer can be coupled with all HPLC, UPLC, SFC, Flash, Prep systems of any manufacturer. If no chromatographic equipment is available in the laboratory, it is possible to purchase a suited (U)HPLC - expression CMS kit from Advion.

This system enables many laboratories for the first time to independently perform MS analyzes to control syntheses, to confirm the target substance and to detect possible side products or contaminations. Independence from external service laboratories saves a great deal of time, administrative effort and ultimately costs. This increases the efficiency considerably.

The TriVersa NanoMate® is a chip-based nano-spray source with an integrated pipetting robot to be coupled to high-resolution mass spectrometers for significant expansion of their application areas:

- It becomes possible to take nL sample volumes from well plates and deliver them to a template of chip-based electrospray ionization capillaries to realize effective high-throughput mass spectrometry. Shotgun lipodomics is one of the main applications here, as well as studies on non-covalent interactions and the pursuit of enzymatic processes.

- It is also possible to split the sample flow between a HPLC and a mass spectrometer and to collect fractions on well plates while recording a chromatogram. These can be analyzed in detail later using sensitive infusion technology. An ideal way to combine top-down and bottom-up analyzes in protein research.

- If one is interested in analysis of thin layers, the analyte can be eluted via a drop applied to the surface. Before carrying through the MS analysis, the eluate can also be separated by a nano-LC. The application spectrum ranges from the analysis of tissue sections, dried blood spots etc. to technical applications in the quality control of coated materials.

In North America and Europe, Advion has branches of its own serving customers. In addition, Advion maintains a large network of distributors worldwide. Contact details of regional representatives can be found on the website of Advion, Inc.

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