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Enzymicals AG

Your Experienced Partner for Biocatalytic Synthesis

Since its founding in 2009, Enzymicals AG has created a customer-oriented industrial platform for the process development and piloting of chemo-biocatalytic synthetic routs for high-quality fine chemicals and has built a bridge between academic research and industrial application.

The focus of Enzymicals is to provide integrated solutions for biocatalytic applications. Dedicated to design, develop and implement cost-effective, sustainable and scalable chemo-biocatalytic routes. Enzymicals offers a recognized expertise in the application of enzymatic processes for the synthesis of complex chemicals up to industrial scale.

The independent enterprise provides state of the art SOLUTIONS in development, optimization and piloting of robust chemo-enzymatic processes for the production of fine & specialty chemicals. The company manufactures a range of CHEMICALS as chiral building blocks, intermediates and specialty chemicals as well offer custom synthesis on request. Enzymicals offers a broad selection of recombinant ENZYMES suitable for research, development, production and diagnostics as well as a tailor-made protein expression and optimization service.

Enzymicals service covers the whole value chain towards a tailor-made process for a special application: enzyme identification, expression, characterization, improvement and application in an efficient production process. Together with our network partners, we expand our service to ASMF filing, regulatory affairs, cGMP production and bulk scale supply.

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    abcr GmbH and Enzymicals AG deepen the cooperation

    To make the delivery of catalogue products more effectively, the abcr GmbH will handle the entire ordering process of Enzymicals catalogue products. This includes the preparation of offers, order confirmations, shipping and billing. In addition to orders placed at Enzymicals, selected enzym ... more

    ComBioCryst – idea won 2. Prize in idea competition

    The jointly developed idea ComBioCryst of working group Jan von Langermann at Univerity of Rostock and Enzymicals won the 2. prize in idea competition "Inspired- The ideas competition. In MV."  In category “Researchers/Alumni”. ComBioCryst describe a new method for preparing amines in trans ... more

    Enzymicals and abcr cooperate

    The biotechnology company Enzymicals AG, based in Greifswald, and the Karlsruhe-based abcr GmbH are intensifying their collaboration in catalogue business. The two internationally active companies have now entered into an agreement for a global trade relationship. Each company benefits from ... more

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