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Since more than 80 year customers trust in analytical solutions produced by LECO. We deliver perfect solutions for a huge variety of markets. Minerals and metals, agriculture, food, environmental analysis energy and Life science (pharmaceutical samples, metabolomics, forensic, fragrances and more)

- Inorganic CHNOS Analytic

- Organic CHNOS Analytic

- TOC/EC/TIC analysis (DIN19539, VDLufa...)

- Macro Thermogravimetry

- Calorimetry

- Metallography

- Hardness Testing

- Separation Science : GC TOFMS GCxGC TOFMS High Resolution TOFMS GCxGC High Resolution TOFMS

Trusted since 1936

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    New Air Products Technology Delivers Ultra-High Purity Oxygen to the Analytical Research Market

    Air Products announced the commercial launch of its PRISM(TM) high-purity oxygen generator product line, an advanced technology that lets customers avoid the hassles of managing and maintaining an inventory of oxygen cylinders. The advanced solid-state technology is convenient and simple t ... more

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    GC Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometer

    LECO's latest innovation in GC-MS is the LECO Pegasus BT - enabling qualitative and quantitative analysis of known and unknown substances in one run. The Pegasus BT benchtop instrument combines a new, compact time-of-flight mass spectrometer with the powerful ChromaTOF software and the Agil ... more

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    LECO Corporation

    In 1936, the Laboratory Equipment Company introduced the first rapid carbon determinator for the American iron and steel industry. Today, almost 80 years later, LECO is recognized globally as a leader in the development of high-quality analytical instrumentation, mass spectrometers, compre ... more