New Air Products Technology Delivers Ultra-High Purity Oxygen to the Analytical Research Market


Air Products announced the commercial launch of its PRISM(TM) high-purity oxygen generator product line, an advanced technology that lets customers avoid the hassles of managing and maintaining an inventory of oxygen cylinders.

The advanced solid-state technology is convenient and simple to use. By plugging the unit into any standard US 110 volt electrical outlet, the on-site generator can produce 99.999% purity oxygen that is free from hydrocarbons, as well as biological or chemical impurities. Such high-purity oxygen has many applications and is valued in a variety of markets, including those that serve analytical laboratories.

The technology is being taken to market with the assistance of LECO Corporation,a global leader in the development of high-quality analytical instrumentation. Based in St. Joseph, Michigan, LECO has provided design support, testing, and use of its state-of-the art research and development center for the PRISM generator.

PRISM high-purity oxygen generators are based on an advanced solid-state technology called Ion Transport Membranes (ITM), which are used to separate pure oxygen from air. Air Products worked closely with Salt Lake City, Utah-based Ceramatec,Inc. to develop the ITM technology. By applying an electrical current to the ceramic membranes, only oxygen ions are allowed to pass through. They then combine with other ions to form oxygen molecules, resulting in extremely high purity oxygen.

PRISM high-purity oxygen generators may drive down operating costs while improving end-use performance. They provide a solution of particular interest to laboratories and the analytical instrument market because they eliminate the chore of handling and storing cylinders on-site.

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