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"We build plants with a certain 'plus'​ in innovation, flexibility and productivity."​

The Pörner Group is a leading independent engineering contractor, specializing in process plants in Central Europe with principal offices in Vienna, Austria. The Pörner Group operates in three locations in Austria, and has subsidiaries in Germany, Romania, Russia and the Ukraine. The company specializes in complete engineering services: from project studies, authority engineering, civil and structural engineering to process engineering processing, basic and detailed engineering, procurement of supplies and services all the way through to the construction management and commissioning of the plant. With over 40 Biturox® plants, Pörner is number one in the field of bitumen oxidation technology worldwide. Projects in the areas of refinery, petrochemical, chemical, gas technology, pharmaceutical, energy and environmental technologies have been implemented since its foundation 1972.

EDL – Cutting-edge plant engineering from Leipzig

EDL Anlagenbau Gesellschaft mbH, a 100% subsidiary of the Pörner Group in Leipzig, realizes national and international engineering projects for refinery, chemical and petrochemical clients and gained a fine reputation as revamp specialist. As a process-oriented plant engineering company EDL offers the complete scope of services out of one hand and possesses over an extensive process know-how and special technologies such as: • Deasphalting (SDA) • Solvent dewaxing / Wax deoiling plants • Solvent extraction lube cuts / DAO • Solvent extraction TDEA / TRAE • BTX-extraction • Depolymerization • Catalytic high-pressure hydrogenation of coal, Petroleum residues, biomass • Lube Oil Blending • Hydrofinishing (base oils) and hydrotreating (waxes, petroleum jelly, White oils)

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  • Industry : Production technology

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