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DrM – specialized in solid/liquid separation and vibratory mixing

We develop, design and fabricate filtration systems for solid/liquid separation in the processing industries as well as Vibratory Mixers and Single-Use Technologies. Our main products are the FUNDABAC® and CONTIBAC® Candle Filters with more than 3500 in operation worldwide and approximately 150 new systems put in place every year. Applications and uses are widespread in various industries, such as Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Polymers, Oil & Gas, Mineral & Metals, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Electronics. The same can be said for FUNDAMIX® Vibromixers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The newest addition to the DrM product portfolio is our Single-Use Technology specifically for the Bio-pharmaceutical industry. With its multi-cycle capabilities, it is able to extend the life of the high-performance filter bags and reduce operating costs.

FILTRATION SYSTEMS Sophisticated, highly automated and fully enclosed filtration systems for either wet or dry discharge, or alternatively for semi or fully continuous thickening. System benefits include high efficiency solids removal, precious metals (catalyst) recovery, patented heel volume filtration, cake washing, cake drying and in-situ cleaning of the filter media.

MIXING SYSTEMS DrM's FUNDAMIX® Vibromixers mix liquids strictly by vibration. The absence of moving parts results in vortex-less mixing and homogeneous distribution and emulsification.

SINGLE-USE SYSTEMS Single-Use Technologies/Systems (SUT/SUS) have become increasingly prevalent in recent years in Bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing. SUT/SUS are typically made of plastic material and are delivered pre-sterilised by Gamma or X-Ray irradiation. As the name suggests, Single-Use equipment is disposed of and replaced after use.

We maintain subsidiaries in the USA, Poland, China, India, Malaysia and Dubai (UAE).

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