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TTS France Sàrl is a company established 1981. It is dedicated mainly to the elaboration, execution and management of projects in the domain of chemical/pharmaceutical engineering, in particular environmental protection, also to the recovery and generation of energy by pyrolysis conversion of biomass.

Environmental protection using own technologies:

* Incineration of gaseous, liquid slurried and solid industrial wastes with heat recovery to provide steam/hot water and electricity. Regenerative thermal postcombustion. * Purification of polluted air discharged from production processes by chemical treatment/scrubbing, thermal oxidation/wet electrostatic precipitators and high-performance synthetic materials * Solvent recovery from polluted air discharged from production processes by adsorption on activated carbon and regeneration under vacuum; distillation of recovered solvents for recycling into processes.

TTS has perfected a process for exploiting agricultural wastes (biomass) by pyrolysis.

By means of integrated carbonization most organic wastes can be converted into three principal products:

* charcoal/activated carbon * pyrolysis oil * pyrolysis gas

Summary of export range: TTS offers the full range of services, from consultation and engineering of processes to turnkey execution. If required, we will also look after the operation and supervision in conjunction with all these projects. TTS remains a partner to the client from one end of the project to the other.

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  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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