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your lab – our mission Since t&p was established at the beginning of the 1990s, one basic idea has driven everything we do: because we ourselves are from the laboratory sector, our developers didn’t want an “off the shelf” system – they wanted a LIMS that can adapt to the specific needs of every individual laboratory. This initial idea led to a way of working which developed into one of t&p’s brand essences. To this day, we remain in close contact with a wide range of different laboratories and understand all there is to know about their processes, procedures and requirements. As a result of this ongoing “field work”, lisa.lims has evolved into one of the leading systems in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Customer focus means thinking like our customers: Our software developers work with the very latest technologies. You can therefore be sure of one thing: lisa.lims is always based on the most intelligent and efficient technologies. However, software and technology are only one side of the coin. To ensure optimum operation, quality is important too: a service approach which turns an excellent system into the very best system. Focusing on our customers and providing individual advice are therefore very important to us.

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    lisa.lims Your lab - our mission

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