Eurofins GfA Gesellschaft für Arbeitsplatz und Umweltanalytik mbH


The GfA was founded in 1985 and is today one of Europe’s leading institutes for environmental and food analyses as well as for emission and ambient air measurements, accidental release and workplace analyses. The GfA is one of the top 5 laboratories in the world and performed more than 7,000 dioxin analyses during the year 2002.

We are, however, not only proud of our steadily growing sample volume but also of the constantly high quality of our work, which is continuously verified by internal audits and national as well as international interlaboratory comparisons. The samples you send to the GfA are first of all inspected by our scientists in the project department and then analysed in the laboratory by our analytical staff. The test reports are finally checked in the project department before they are sent to our customers.

The GfA is accredited for more than 220 testing procedures to the international ISO IEC 17025 standard. The main focus of our services lies in the analysis of dioxins and dioxin-like ultra-trace contaminants in a wide range of matrices e.g. ambient air, emissions, food, feeding stuff, soil, residues, biological samples, products and water. The GfA all in all counts a staff of ca. 80 working in Münster, Berlin (former MPU), Illingen, Wittenberg and Hamburg (former Miljö-Chemie). In 2001 the GfA entered the eurofins group and continuously extended its international presence. Eurofins means more than 2,000 staff in more than 50 laboratories and a portfolio of around 5,000 reliable analytical methods.

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