Korth Kristalle GmbH


For over 60 years we have grown crystals and used them to manufacture highly precise optical components for the Infrared, Ultraviolet and Visible regions of the spectrum.For Crystal Growth we are mainly using the Bridman-Stockbarger and Nacken-Kyropoulos techniques-on request we also offer doped crystals. We have our own cutting-, grinding and polishing workshops to manufacture optical components to our clients specifications. Alongside the manufacture of our standard optical components we also produce one-off, specialist components and we offer a large assortment of ATR-crystals for use in the field of spectroscopy. Using on top of the range equipment we can assess and test our optics and crystal boules. We are happy to share our know-how: we can certify your components in the field of Transmission spectroscopy, Stress induced birefringence, Surface roughness, Wavefront distortion and Centring error. In addition we offer a repair service for your damaged optics.