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speedwave XTRACT New

speedwave XTRACT by Berghof

Microwave sample preparation: Fast and safe

speedwave XTRACT: High efficiency and low operating costs for environmental and food analyses

sample preparation systems


Streamlining the process of mycotoxin analysis

From extraction to chromatogram, fully automated

sample preparation systems
APU sim

APU sim by Analytik Jena

APU sim Automatic Preparation Unit

APU sim The Clever Sample Preparation System According to Column Method

sample preparation systems
PAL System

PAL System by CTC Analytics

Efficiency booster for LC/MS and GC/MS through automated sample preparation

Automated workflows for online and offline sample preparation in chemical analysis

automated sample preparation systems
MiniLab AR & AP

MiniLab AR & AP by SEAL Analytical

Robot-assisted analysis of pH, conductivity, BOD

Reduce your workload and increase reliability in the laboratory

laboratory robots

turboWAVE® by MLS

Laboratory innovation: TurboWAVE-20 for fast and silent sample digestion

Benefit from lower operating costs thanks to innovative modular technology

microwave digestion units

ECOPRE by AHF analysentechnik

Ultra-trace analysis - digest up to 64 samples in parallel

Discover the advantages of pressure-free digestion

sample digestion systems
Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ASE™ 150 or 350 Accelerated Solvent Extractor systems

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ASE™ 150 or 350 Accelerated Solvent Extractor systems by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) – Maximize results and reduce errors in food analysis!

More extractions in less time using less solvent

extraction systems
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