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ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH, Germany

ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH is an independent enterprise founded in 1992. Our headquarters is located in the technology park "weinberg campus" in Halle (Saale). We are a medium-sized, owner-managed company. ECH develops and produces analytical instruments for laboratory analytics, online monitorin more

Deutsche METROHM GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

We are the German sales organisation of Metrohm AG, Switzerland, one of the world's leading instrument manufacturers for ion analysis. Our analytical systems are used for product development, quality assurance, process monitoring, environmental protection and include instruments for titration, ion c more

C3 Prozess- und Analysentechnik GmbH, Germany

For more than 25 years C3 Prozess- und Analysentechnik GmbH is selling devices and equipment to laboratories, pilot plants and production to the chemical, pharmaceutical and material science industry and research institutes. We concentrate on niche products - pressure reactor system, glass reactors, more

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Single & Multi-Channel Potentiostats for Simple and Demanding Electrochemical Measurements

Experiment control, data view, modeling and analysis are all included in one package ✓ Thanks to the modularity, the instrument including accessories is tailored precisely to your needs ✓ Easily scaleable from one to x channels, groupable, and simultaneous multi-user capability ✓ more

Battery Cycler Microcalorimeter Solution

Maximize efficiency with simultaneous in-operando testing of up to 12 whole battery cells ✓ Reduce testing time with rapid comparison of multiple configurations and chemistries ✓ Identify early indicators of battery efficiency with rapid detection of parasitic heat reactions ✓ more

Pioneering Electrochemical Testing for Modern Vehicle Batteries and Fuel Cells

Alternatives to fossil fuel energy sources are becoming more and more prevalent, and fuel cells and batteries are playing an important role in energy more

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  • Wastewater treatment plants as drivers for the energy transition

    By implementing an innovative technology, any wastewater treatment plant would be able to produce methane from carbon dioxide in an environmentally friendly way. If some microorganisms present in wastewater treatment plants are additionally supplied with hydrogen and carbon dioxide, they produce pur more

  • A new way to capture and recycle carbon dioxide from industrial emissions

    Carbon capture is a promising method to help slow climate change. With this approach, carbon dioxide (CO­­2) is trapped before it escapes into the atmosphere, but the process requires a large amount of energy and equipment. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Central Science have designed a capture sy more

  • Modular flow cells for sustainable chemistry

    Electrochemical processes like water electrolysis will become increasingly important in the future in light of climate change and the resultant need for an energy and raw materials transition. The Fraunhofer Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems IMM is collaborating with hte GmbH to develo more

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Electrochemistry (left ) and Michael Faraday (right ), both credited to be founders of electrochemistry as known today. Electrochemistry is a branch of chemistry that studies chemical reactions which take place at the interface of an electron ... more


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