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ATC code A07

A division of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System

A Alimentary tract and metabolism


A07A Intestinal anti-infectives

A07AA Antibiotics

A07AA01 Neomycin
A07AA02 Nystatin
A07AA03 Natamycin
A07AA04 Streptomycin
A07AA05 Polymyxin B
A07AA06 Paromomycin
A07AA07 Amphotericin B
A07AA08 Kanamycin
A07AA09 Vancomycin
A07AA10 Colistin
A07AA11 Rifaximin
A07AA51 Neomycin, combinations
A07AA54 Streptomycin, combinations

A07AB Sulfonamides

A07AB02 Phthalylsulfathiazole
A07AB03 Sulfaguanidine
A07AB04 Succinylsulfathiazole

A07AC Imidazole derivatives

A07AC01 Miconazole

A07AX Other intestinal anti-infectives

A07AX01 Broxyquinoline
A07AX02 Acetarsol
A07AX03 Nifuroxazide
A07AX04 Nifurzide

A07B Intestinal adsorbents

A07BA Charcoal preparations

A07BA01 Medicinal charcoal
A07BA51 Medicinal charcoal, combinations

A07BB Bismuth preparations

A07BC Other intestinal adsorbents

A07BC01 Pectin
A07BC02 Kaolin
A07BC03 Crospovidone
A07BC04 Attapulgite
A07BC05 Diosmectite
A07BC30 Combinations
A07BC54 Attapulgite, combinations

A07C Electrolytes with carbohydrates

A07CA Oral rehydration salt formulations

A07D Antipropulsives

A07DA Antipropulsives

A07DA01 Diphenoxylate
A07DA02 Opium
A07DA03 Loperamide
A07DA04 Difenoxin
A07DA05 Loperamide oxide
A07DA52 Morphine, combinations
A07DA53 Loperamide, combinations

A07E Intestinal anti-inflammatory agents

A07EA Corticosteroids acting locally

A07EA01 Prednisolone
A07EA02 Hydrocortisone
A07EA03 Prednisone
A07EA04 Betamethasone
A07EA05 Tixocortol
A07EA06 Budesonide
A07EA07 Beclometasone

A07EB Antiallergic agents, excluding corticosteroids

A07EB01 Cromoglicic acid

A07EC Aminosalicylic acid and similar agents

A07EC01 Sulfasalazine
A07EC02 Mesalazine
A07EC03 Olsalazine
A07EC04 Balsalazide

A07F Antidiarrheal micro-organisms

A07FA Antidiarrheal micro-organisms

A07FA01 Lactic acid producing organisms
A07FA02 Saccharomyces boulardii
A07FA51 Lactic acid producing organisms, combinations

A07X Other antidiarrheals

A07XA Other antidiarrheals

A07XA01 Albumin tannate
A07XA02 Ceratonia
A07XA03 Calcium compounds
A07XA04 Racecadotril
A07XA51 Albumin tannate, combinations
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