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Fumarate reductase

Fumarate reductase respiratory complex
Symbol Fum_red_TM
Pfam PF02967
InterPro IPR004224
SCOP 1qla
OPM family 3
OPM protein 2bs3
Available PDB structures:

1qlaF:1-243 2bs3F:1-243 1qlbC:1-243 2bs4F:1-243

Fumarate reductase is the enzyme that converts fumarate to succinate, it is important in microbial metabolism as a means for anaerobic respiration.[1]

Succinate + acceptor <=> fumarate + reduced acceptor

In other words, fumarate reductase couples the reduction of fumarate to succinate to the oxidation of quinol to quinone, in a reaction opposite to that catalysed by the related complex II of the respiratory chain (succinate dehydrogenase)[2].

Fumarate reductase complex includes three subunits. Subunit A contains the site of fumarate reduction and a covalently bound flavin adenine dinucleotide prosthetic group. Subunit B contains three iron-sulphur centres. The menaquinol-oxidizing subunit C consists of five membrane-spanning, primarily helical segments and binds two haem b molecules[2].

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