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HEF Groupe

HEF Groupe
Headquarters Andrézieux-Bouthéon
Revenue €90 million (2006)[1]

HEF Groupe is a global industrial group. It is the European leader in the field of the Surface engineering. The development of HEF Group is based on two fields of expertise[2] :

  • Knowledge and mastering of surfaces damage mechanisms: friction, wear, corrosion...
  • Production of efficient surface treatments and coatings



HEF has forged its technical experience and expertise in four areas:

  • Thermochemical treatments in ionic liquid medium (molten salt bath), including oxy-nitriding, sulfurizing, carbonitriding, boriding... ,
  • Technologies of vacuum deposition : PVD/PACVD coatings,
  • Manufacturing of mechanical components such as bushings, joints and pins for harsh environments,
  • Tribology expertise.

The company implantations[4]

HEF Group is present on 4 continents, in more than 30 countries via its subsidiaries, joint ventures companies and licensees.

  • France : 11 production sites
  • Europe (excluding France) : 7 production sites
  • World (excluding Europe) : 16 production sites
  • and more than 300 licensees granted on HEF Group processes.


HEF Group's know how is recognized by numerous French and international companies from all the fields of industrial activity.[5] Main fields of applications are mechanical, aeronautics, military, electrical industries...[6]

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