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Isotope map (0-55)

ImageSize = width:1600 height:1400 PlotArea = left:20 right:5 bottom:65 top:25 AlignBars = late

Additional recommended knowledge

Colors =

  id:grid1  value:gray(0.95)  # major grid
  id:grid2  value:gray(0.95)  # minor grid
  id:canvas value:gray(0.95)  # background for whole image
  id:bars   value: gray(0.95) # background for bars
  id:stab		value:powderblue        legend:Stable
  id:unstab		value:coral		legend:Unstable
  id:metstab		value:lightpurple	legend:Isomer
  id:unknow            value:white             legend:Unknown*

BackgroundColors = canvas:canvas bars:bars DateFormat = yyyy Period = from:0000 till:055

TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal format:yyyy ScaleMajor = gridcolor:grid1 unit:year increment:1 start:0000

Define $broad = width:0.1in Define $narrow = width:0.1in

Define $dy = -9 Define $right = align:left shift:( 0, $dy) Define $single = align:left shift: (0, -5) #used for cells with only one character in them Define $double = align:left shift: (-5, -5) #used for cells with two characters in them Define $triple = align:left shift: (-10, -5) #used for cells with three characters in them Define $quad = align:left shift: (-10, -5) #used for cells with four characters in them Define $quin = align:left shift: (-10, -5) #used for cells with five characters in them Define $stable = color:powderblue textcolor:black Define $unstable = color:coral textcolor:black Define $unknown = color:white textcolor:black

Legend = columns:4 left:120 top:1400 columnwidth:160

BarData = #Number of Neutrons

 bar:0  text:"0"
 bar:1  text:"1"
 bar:2  text:"2"
 bar:3  text:"3"
 bar:4  text:"4"
 bar:5  text:"5"
 bar:6  text:"6"
 bar:7  text:"7"
 bar:8  text:"8"
 bar:9  text:"9"
 bar:10  text:"10"
 bar:11  text:"11"
 bar:12  text:"12"
 bar:13  text:"13"
 bar:14  text:"14"
 bar:15  text:"15"
 bar:16  text:"16"
 bar:17  text:"17"
 bar:18  text:"18"
 bar:19  text:"19"
 bar:20  text:"20"
 bar:21  text:"21"
 bar:22  text:"22"
 bar:23  text:"23"
 bar:24  text:"24"
 bar:25  text:"25"
 bar:26  text:"26"
 bar:27  text:"27"
 bar:28  text:"28"
 bar:29  text:"29"
 bar:30  text:"30"
 bar:21  text:"21"
 bar:22  text:"22"
 bar:23  text:"23"
 bar:24  text:"24"
 bar:25  text:"25"
 bar:26  text:"26"
 bar:27  text:"27"
 bar:28  text:"28"
 bar:29  text:"29"
 bar:30  text:"30"
 bar:31  text:"31"
 bar:32  text:"32"
 bar:33  text:"33"
 bar:34  text:"34"
 bar:35  text:"35"
 bar:36  text:"36"
 bar:37  text:"37"
 bar:38  text:"38"
 bar:39  text:"39"
 bar:40  text:"40"
 bar:41  text:"41"
 bar:42  text:"42"
 bar:43  text:"43"
 bar:44  text:"44"
 bar:45  text:"45"
 bar:46  text:"46"
 bar:47  text:"47"
 bar:48  text:"48"
 bar:49  text:"49"
 bar:50  text:"50"
 bar:51  text:"51"
 bar:52  text:"52"
 bar:53  text:"53"
 bar:54  text:"54"
 bar:55  text:"55"
 bar:56  text:"56"
 bar:57  text:"57"
 bar:58  text:"58"
 bar:59  text:"59"
 bar:60  text:"60"
 bar:61  text:"61"
 bar:62  text:"62"
 bar:63  text:"63"
 bar:64  text:"64"
 bar:65  text:"65"
 bar:66  text:"66"
 bar:67  text:"67"
 bar:68  text:"68"
 bar:69  text:"69"
 bar:70  text:"70"
 bar:71  text:"71"
 bar:72  text:"72"
 bar:73  text:"73"
 bar:74  text:"74"
 bar:75  text:"75"
 bar:76  text:"76"
 bar:77  text:"77"
 bar:78  text:"78"
 bar:79  text:"79"
 bar:80  text:"80"
 bar:81  text:"81"
 bar:82  text:"82"
 bar:83  text:"83"
 bar:84  text:"84"
 bar:85  text:"85"
 bar:86  text:"86"
 bar:87  text:"87"
 bar:88  text:"88"
 bar:89  text:"89"
 bar:90  text:"90"
 bar:91  text:"91"

TextData =

  text:"Version 1.0 - June 2005"
  pos: (20, 18)
  text:"* In some publications, data may be reported but nuclide is so short-lived that significant error may be present and data should be used with great caution if used at all."


 fontsize:XS width:0.5in align:left shift:(  0, 0)
   from:0001 till:0002 $narrow $double $stable text:1H
   from:0000 till:0001 $narrow $single $unstable text:n
   from:0001 till:0002 $narrow $double $stable text:2H
   from:0002 till:0003 $narrow $triple $stable   text:3He
   from:0003 till:0004 $narrow $triple $unstable text:4Li
   from:0004 till:0005 $narrow $triple $unstable text:5Be
   from:0001 till:0002 $narrow $double $unstable text:3H
   from:0002 till:0003 $narrow $triple $stable   text:4He
   from:0003 till:0004 $narrow $triple $unstable text:5Li
   from:0004 till:0005 $narrow $triple $unstable text:6Be
   from:0005 till:0006 $narrow $double $unstable text:7B
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $double $unstable text:8C
   from:0001 till:0002 $narrow $double $unstable text:4H
   from:0002 till:0003 $narrow $triple $unstable text:5He
   from:0003 till:0004 $narrow $triple $stable text:6Li
   from:0004 till:0005 $narrow $triple $unstable text:7Be
   from:0005 till:0006 $narrow $double $unstable text:8B
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $double $unstable text:9C
   from:0001 till:0002 $narrow $double $unstable text:5H
   from:0002 till:0003 $narrow $triple $unstable text:6He
   from:0003 till:0004 $narrow $triple $stable text:7Li
   from:0004 till:0005 $narrow $triple $unstable text:8Be
   from:0005 till:0006 $narrow $double $unstable text:9B
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $triple $unstable text:10C
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $unstable text:11N
   from:0001 till:0002 $narrow $double $unstable text:6H
   from:0002 till:0003 $narrow $triple $unstable text:7He
   from:0003 till:0004 $narrow $triple $unstable text:8Li
   from:0004 till:0005 $narrow $triple $stable text:9Be
   from:0005 till:0006 $narrow $triple $stable text:10B
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $triple $unstable text:11C
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $unstable text:12N
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $unstable text:13O
   from:0001 till:0002 $narrow $double $unstable text:7H
   from:0002 till:0003 $narrow $triple $unstable text:8He
   from:0003 till:0004 $narrow $triple $unstable text:9Li
   from:0004 till:0005 $narrow $quad $unstable text:10Be
   from:0005 till:0006 $narrow $triple $stable text:11B
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $triple $stable text:12C
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $unstable text:13N
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $unstable text:14O
   from:0002 till:0003 $narrow $triple $unstable text:9He
   from:0003 till:0004 $narrow $quad $unstable text:10Li
   from:0004 till:0005 $narrow $quad $unstable text:11Be
   from:0005 till:0006 $narrow $triple $unstable text:12B
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $triple $stable text:13C
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $stable text:14N
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $unstable text:15O
   from:0002 till:0003 $narrow $quad $unstable text:10He
   from:0003 till:0004 $narrow $quad $unstable text:11Li
   from:0004 till:0005 $narrow $triple $unstable text:12Be
   from:0005 till:0006 $narrow $triple $unstable text:13B
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $triple $unstable text:14C
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $stable text:15N
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $stable text:16O
   from:0004 till:0005 $narrow $triple $unstable text:13Be
   from:0005 till:0006 $narrow $triple $unstable text:14B
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $triple $unstable text:15C
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $unstable text:16N
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $stable text:17O
   from:0004 till:0005 $narrow $triple $unstable text:14Be
   from:0005 till:0006 $narrow $triple $unstable text:15B
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $triple $unstable text:16C
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $unstable text:17N
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $stable text:18O
   from:0005 till:0006 $narrow $triple $unknown text:16B
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $triple $unstable text:17C
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $unstable text:18N
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $unstable text:19O
   from:0005 till:0006 $narrow $triple $unstable text:17B
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $triple $unstable text:18C
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $unstable text:19N
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $unstable text:20O
   from:0005 till:0006 $narrow $triple $unknown text:18B
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $triple $unstable text:19C
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $unstable text:20N
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $unstable text:20O
   from:0005 till:0006 $narrow $triple $unstable text:19B
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $triple $unstable text:20C
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $unstable text:21N
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $unstable text:22O
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $triple $unknown text:21C
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $unstable text:22N
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $unstable text:23O
   from:0006 till:0007 $narrow $triple $unstable text:22C
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $unstable text:23N
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $unstable text:24O
   from:0007 till:0008 $narrow $triple $unknown text:24N
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $unstable text:25O
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $unstable text:26O
   from:0008 till:0009 $narrow $triple $unstable text:27O

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