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Systematic (IUPAC) name
PubChem          ?
Chemical data
Formula C3H3NO 
Molar mass 69.06
Complete data

Oxazole is the parent compound for vast class of heterocyclic aromatic organic compounds. These are azoles with an oxygen and a nitrogen separated by one carbon [1].



In biomolecules, oxazoles result from the cyclization and oxidation of serine or threonine nonribosomal peptides:

Oxazoles are not as abundant in biomolecules as the related thiazoles with oxygen replaced by a sulfur atom.


Oxazoles are aromatic compounds but less so than the thiazoles. Oxazole is a weak base with pKa of conjugate acid of 0.8 compared to 7 for imidazole.

Organic synthesis

Classical oxazole synthetic methods in organic chemistry are

  • the Robinson-Gabriel synthesis by dehydration of 2-acylaminoketones
  • the Fischer oxazole synthesis from cyanohydrins and aldehydes
  • the Bredereck reaction with α-haloketones and formamide

Other methods are reported in the literature.

Organic reactions

in the balanced half-reaction three equivalents of water are consumed for each equivalent of oxazoline generating 4 protons and 4 electrons the latter derived from CeIV.

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