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Potassium aluminium borate

Potassium aluminium borate
Systematic name Potassium aluminium borate
Other names xxx, xxx
Molecular formula XxXxXx
Molar mass xx.xx g/mol
Density g/cm³
Solubility (water) x.xx g/l
Melting point xx.x °C
Boiling point xx.x °C
CAS number [xx-xx-xx]
Disclaimer and references

Potassium aluminium borate (K2Al2B2O7) is an ionic compound composed of potassium ions, aluminium ions, and tetraborate ions. Its crystal form exhibits nonlinear optical properties. The ultraviolet beam at 266nm can be obtained by fourth harmonic generation (FGH) of 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser radiation through a nonlinear crystal K2Al2B2O7 (KABO).

Further reading

  • "Growth and properties of K2Al2B2O7 crystal," OPT MATER 23 (1-2): 357-362 JUL-AUG 2003.
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