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Explosion Protection

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TRIPLAN GmbH, Germany

Our longstanding engineering know-how, cutting edge software applications and sound consultancy services allow us to optimise our customers’ production and business processes. TRIPLAN offers high-tech engineering services for constructing complex production plants all over the world - with in-depth more

Warex Valve GmbH, Germany

WAREX-VALVE Since more than 40 years a paragon of reliable and reasonable flaps. World-wide WAREX Valves are used in the most different process arrangements problem-free and successfully and have developed themselves into an undisputed quality notion. Whether in the chemistry, the food or the pha more

ABB Automation GmbH, Germany

ABB is able to deliver the full spectrum of services and products, including a fully integrated package of advanced chemical technologies, advanced control system applications, and simulation systems. With our specific know-how in services like engineering, project management or validation we are a more

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Products Explosion Protection

Precise Metering with Explosion Protection

The ATEX-compliant diaphragm metering pump EXtronic (EXBb) is tested and approved in line with the harmonised more

News Explosion Protection

  • New polymer creates safer fuels

    Before embarking on a transcontinental journey, jet airplanes fill up with tens of thousands of gallons of fuel. In the event of a crash, such large quantities of fuel increase the severity of an explosion upon impact. Researchers at Caltech and JPL have discovered a polymeric fuel additive that can more

Publications Explosion Protection

  • Wälzkolbenpumpen mit ATEX‐Zertifizierung

    Zusammenfassung Seit Inkrafttreten der EU‐weit einheitlichen Explosionsschutzrichtlinie „ATEX” steigt auch die Nachfrage für Vakuumpumpen, die nach deren Vorgaben zertifiziert sind. Dieser Artikel geht auf die Besonderheiten von explosionsgeschützten Wälzkolbenpumpen ein und behandelt dabei more

  • Limiting oxygen concentrations of gases

    This article discusses technical and practical aspects of the limiting oxygen concentration (LOC) including a detailed appraisal of possible sources of measurement error. LOC values obtained in the “classical” 5‐cm diameter, vertical tube apparatus have been described as nonconservative owing to f more

  • Suppression effect of explosion in linked spherical vessels and pipelines impacted by wire‐mesh structure

    A series of experiments are conducted to study suppression effect of multilayer wire‐mesh structure on methane‐air mixture explosion in linked vessels. Explosion suppression effect is analyzed for explosion suppression structures with different layers and meshes. The most reasonable multilayer wir more

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