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Forchem Oy, Finland

Forchem is an independant innovative company based in Rauma, Finland, the location of it's state of the art Tall Oil Refinery. From here Forchem supply industry-leading products to global players across a wide range of markets including coatings, lubricants, soaps, paper size, ink resins, adhesives. more

Bioeton Deutschland GmbH, Germany


MEROIL, S.A., Spain

Meroil, S.A. operates a network of more than 200 fuel service stations throughout Spain. The company offers gasoline; unleaded petrol; diesel; gas oil for heating, agricultural vehicles and machinery, and ships and ports; biodiesel for use in various diesel vehicles; and synthetic engine lubricants. more

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ERADENS X - Density results with 5-digt precision

Xtra Easy: Highly efficient operation with unique sample introduction from the top ✓ Xtra Rugged: An extremely robust and versatile analyzer that is unaffected by shocks and vibration ✓ Xtra Accurate: Full range viscosity correction and density results with 5-digt precision ✓ more

News Fuels

  • Speeding up sugar's conversion into fuel

    University of Queensland researchers have found a way to more efficiently convert sugarcane into a building block of aviation fuel and other products. By zeroing in on a specific enzyme, a UQ team working in collaboration with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has sped up the slowest step in more

  • Maersk backs C 1 to make zero-carbon shipping a reality faster – and cheaper

    The Climate tech start-up C1 has raised growth capital from Maersk Growth, the Venture Capital Arm of A. P. Møller – Maersk to faster scale their ultra-efficient catalysis, which will enable the mass production of green methanol without the usual premium paid for sustainably produced methanol. Besid more

  • More cost-effective production of fuels from renewable electricity

    e-fuels can make a decisive contribution to making the global economy independent of fossil crude oil and at the same time CO2-neutral and renewable. The team is developing a particularly innovative technology that can reduce the production cost of e-fuels from currently more than €2.50 more

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Determine C,H,N, and S Fast and Reliable – in Every Matrix

The analysis of CHN and S is a standard technique for caloric determination and environmental compatibility of fossil fuels such as coal, coke and peat as well as for regenerating raw materials such as biomass or combustible garbage. These elements are determined with highest precision and accuracy more

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The Chemistry of Petrol & The Tetraethyl Lead Story

18th May marks the date of birth of Thomas Midgley, who made significant contributions to something many of us make use of on a regular basis: petrol. Midgley was the research assistant to Charles Kettering, and the duo were responsible for the addition of the compound tetraethyl lead to petrol, an more

Hydrogen Peroxide

It’s been a while since the last update to the Everyday Chemicals series – this latest graphic looks at hydrogen peroxide. Everyone’s familiar with the term ‘peroxide blonde’, stemming from the use of hydrogen peroxide in hair dyes, but this accounts for just one of the compound’s many uses; it’s al more


Wood fuel

Wood fuel Wood fuel is wood used as fuel . The burning of wood is currently the largest use of energy derived from a solid fuel biomass . Wood fuel can be used for cooking and heating , and occasionally for fueling steam engine s and stea ... more


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