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IDEX Health & Science GmbH, Germany

IDEX Health & Science LLC designs, develops, and manufactures liquid subassemblies and precision components for a wide range of applications requiring precise control and measurement. We specialize in component integration that results in innovative and optimized OEM fluidic systems. IDEX Health & S more

Nordson PPS GmbH, Germany

Nordson PPS GmbH is part of the Nordson Corporation Polymer Processing Systems product offering and a leading international supplier of components for extrusion and polymerisation. Nordson PPS GmbH is considered as market leader in the field of melt filtration. The company develops and manufactures more

RCT Reichelt Chemietechnik GmbH + Co., Germany

The Baden company is not only nationally active in the sectors of production and process technology, lab technology, fluid technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, instrument manufacture, machine construction and metrology, but also in Europe and various countries around the world. Here the com more

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