RCT Reichelt Chemietechnik GmbH + Co.


The Baden company is not only nationally active in the sectors of production and process technology, lab technology, fluid technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, instrument manufacture, machine construction and metrology, but also in Europe and various countries around the world. Here the company is represented by independent agents well stocked with foreign-language handbooks.
RCT holds a permanent stock of about 2/3 of its entire range available in some 2.000 m² of warehouse space, and we can thus guarantee a high level of delivery availability and dependability.
Over the years, Reichelt Chemietechnik has developed into a classic mail-order company. For our customers, this means that the entire range of products is offered in handbooks which are updated and reprinted on an annual basis. The latest innovation is that the products can now be ordered through the newly-designed home page via the web shop. Today, the company has 3.2 million handbooks printed for the German market alone. The allotment of all the handbooks in nine further languages for our partners in Europe and different countries around the world are in addition to these.