About Reichelt Chemietechnik

The Baden company is not only nationally active in the sectors of production and process technology, lab technology, fluid technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, instrument manufacture, machine construction and metrology, but also in Europe and various countries around the world. Here the company is represented by independent agents well stocked with foreign-language handbooks.
RCT holds a permanent stock of about 2/3 of its entire range available in some 2.000 m² of warehouse space, and we can thus guarantee a high level of delivery availability and dependability.
Over the years, Reichelt Chemietechnik has developed into a classic mail-order company. For our customers, this means that the entire range of products is offered in handbooks which are updated and reprinted on an annual basis. The latest innovation is that the products can now be ordered through the newly-designed home page via the web shop. Today, the company has 3.2 million handbooks printed for the German market alone. The allotment of all the handbooks in nine further languages for our partners in Europe and different countries around the world are in addition to these.

Facts about Reichelt Chemietechnik
  • Founding: 1978
  • Focus : Distributor
  • Industry : Laboratory equipment / supplies, Production technology

Product portfolio of Reichelt Chemietechnik

Product portfolio

activated carbon fleeces
activated carbon granulate
adhesive shielding tapes
aluminium foils
aluminium sheets
anion exchange membranes
aramid plates
buret holders
canister pumps
cation exchange membranes
clamp seals
compact valves
composite hoses
copper sheets
delivery pumps
dialysis bags
dialysis cells
dialysis membranes
dialysis slides
dialysis tubes
double fans
double piston pumps
drain cocks
fabric hoses
film tubes
filter attachments
filter containers
filter fleece
filter housings
filter mats
filter pots
fine adjustment valves
flat gaskets
flat trays
food hoses
foot pumps
gas burners
gas hoses
Glass fabric films
half blowers
heating hoses
high temperature hoses
high-pressure hose
hose clamps
hose connections
hose connectors
hydrometer cylinders
ion exchange membranes
iron foils
Jacketed hoses
lifting pumps
magnetic diaphragm metering pumps
magnetic diaphragm pumps
metal capillaries
metal sheets
microfraction collectors
net hoses
overflow valves
PEEK hoses
PFA hoses
pharmaceutical hoses
plastic hoses
PP pressure pipes
pressure pipes
pressure sprayers
pump heads
PVC hoses
PVC pressure pipes
PVDF pressure pipes
rubber hoses
sealing tapes
shrink tubing
sintered discs
sintered pipes
sintered rods
small valves
spiral hoses
stainless steel capillaries
stainless steel sheets
thread adhesives
tissue culture plates
transition adapter
tube fittings
vacuum diaphragm pumps

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