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Maleic Anhydride

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  • Clariant to significantly expand production of maleic anhydride catalysts in China

    Clariant announced it will significantly expand the capacity of its catalysts production facility in Panjin, Liaoning province, Northeast China. A double-digit CHF million investment will further optimize the existing facility and enable the creation of a new state-of-the-art production line for Cla more

  • BASF announces its intention to cease activities in Feluy, Belgium

    BASF Antwerpen N.V. announced its intention to close its 115,000 annual tons maleic anhydride (MA) production facility by the end of 2009 and to withdraw all BASF activities from its site in Feluy, Belgium. BASF employs 133 people at the Feluy site, which is part of BASF Antwerpen N.V. “Informatio more

  • LANXESS increases prices for basic chemicals

    The Basic Chemicals business unit of specialty chemicals company LANXESS is increasing its prices worldwide for its entire product portfolio by a minimum of seven per cent with immediate effect. The primary factors behind this measure are higher raw material and energy expenses. Torsten Hauschild, H more

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Maleic anhydride

Maleic anhydride Maleic anhydride (cis-butenedioic anhydride, toxilic anhydride, dihydro-2,5-dioxofuran) is an organic compound with the formula C4H2O3. In its pure state it is a colourless or white solid with an acrid odour. Maleic anhydrid ... more


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