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Metal Organic Frameworks

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  • New AI model transforms understanding of metal-organic frameworks

    How does an iPhone predict the next word you’re going to type in your messages? The technology behind this, and also at the core of many AI applications, is called a transformer; a deep-learning algorithm that detects patterns in datasets. Now, researchers at EPFL and KAIST have created a transforme more

  • Novel porous materials are ideal for metal-air batteries

    Sustainable energy solutions cannot be pulled out of thin air. However, combining air with metal and other frameworks may pave the way for environmentally friendly energy conversion and storage, according to a research team based in China. They published their review of novel porous materials — call more

  • New Material for Energy Storage and Optoelectronic applications

    Researchers at TU Berlin have developed a new material from the class of microporous, metal-organic framework (MOF) compounds. On the one hand, such compounds can store small molecules and gases such as hydrogen, CO2 or even toxins. On the other hand, the large surface area resulting from the high v more

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Infographics Metal Organic Frameworks

Capturing Neon in a Metal-Organic Framework

Here’s the latest graphic from Chemunicate (the Compound Interest side project that works with chemistry researchers and institutions to highlight their research in graphical form). This graphic is a collaboration with the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) and looks at their recent resea more


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