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Metal Organic Frameworks

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  • Fine-tuned hydrocarbon separation at low energy cost

    An electrochemical approach developed at KAUST produces molecular-sieving membranes that could enable a cheap energy-efficient separation of light hydrocarbons, such as olefins and paraffins. This separation, critical for the petrochemical industry, usually relies on extremely energy-intensive proce more

  • Using electricity to give chemistry a boost

    Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are a promising class of materials that have many applications as catalysts, sensors and for gas storage. Widely studied over the past two decades, MOFs are typically produced using chemical processes that require high heat and high pressure. Now, University of Delawa more

  • Humboldt-fellow Dr. Preeti Bhauriyal: Designing conductive MOFs for long life Lithium-Sulfur batteries

    Humboldt-fellow Dr. Preeti Bhauriyal from India works at the group of Theoretical Chemistry at TU Dresden in order to research metal and covalent organic frameworks (MOFs and COFs) for various applications. Her overall aim is to design conductive metal organic frameworks based cathode hosts for effi more

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Capturing Neon in a Metal-Organic Framework

Here’s the latest graphic from Chemunicate (the Compound Interest side project that works with chemistry researchers and institutions to highlight their research in graphical form). This graphic is a collaboration with the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) and looks at their recent resea more

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