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  • Shock-absorbing 'goo' discovered in bone

    Latest research shows that the chemical citrate – a by-product of natural cell metabolism – is mixed with water to create a viscous fluid that is trapped between the nano-scale crystals that form our bones. This fluid allows enough movement, or 'slip', between these crystals so that bones are flexib more

  • Building with pentagons

    Achim Müller and co-workers from Bielefeld University and Marshall Luban with his co-workers from the Departments of Physics and Astronomy at both Francis Marion University and Iowa State University worked on synthesising a Keplerate using pentagonal tungsten-oxide based units and studied its intere more

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  • Biomarkers in nutritional science

    Molecular modeling, the modeling of molecular interactions, has become established over the past decades as a standard method in the development of pharmaceuticals. At the Institute for Nutritional Sciences of the University of Potsdam, molecular modeling methods are used in interdisciplinary research to assess the behavior of nutritionally relevant compounds at molecular level. more


Molecular modelling

Molecular modelling s are included in the molecular model of a protein . Molecular modelling is a collective term that refers to theoretical methods and computational techniques to model or mimic the behaviour of molecule s. The techniques are ... more


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