24-Apr-2002 - Sensirion AG

Mass Flow Measurement - 100 times faster

product-news: Liquid Flow Sensor ASL1430

The Swiss company Sensirion AG (www.sensirion.com) has developed a completely new technology for media-isolated liquid mass flow measurement: highly sensitive, digital CMOSens microchips can be put in the position to detect flow rates in the range of a few milliliters or nanoliters per minute directly by means of special packaging that is isolated from the media by walls of plastic, steel, or glass capillaries! In this way, a standard sensor is robust and already up to 100x faster, 10x smaller, and 25x lighter than conventional solutions without any special optimization. Bypass systems for larger flow rates are even possible, like battery-powered low-power solutions!

Leading suppliers in the market for gas mass flow measurement made available this past fall the first series of products based on CMOSens microchips. Sensirion is now developing customer-specific solutions based on the new Liquid Mass Flow Technology for use in bioengineering, medical engineering, and semiconductor engineering in analytical instruments and process engineering. The new possibilities can be seen by referring to the reference model ASL1430, which will be available starting in spring: the sensor is realized with a PEEK capillary and for flow rates up to 1 ml/min, it delivers a digital, fully calibrated, linear output signal with a minimum response time of 20 ms. The measurement error is equal to <1.5 - 3% from the measured value for each model.

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