14-Sep-2009 - Frost & Sullivan

Dual Frost & Sullivan Accolade for Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies

Frost & Sullivan has conferred two prestigious awards on Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS). The Frost & Sullivan European Pharmaceutical Water & Wastewater Treatment Business Development Strategy Leadership Award, lauds VWS for its successful strategies that have enabled it to consolidate its position as one of the leading process water and wastewater solution providers for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe.

The Frost & Sullivan CEO of the Year Award in the Global Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology Market is presented to Jean Michel Herrewyn for his stellar role in steering this growth.

"The success of VWS in the highly process critical pharmaceutical industry is attributed to its well structured business strategies that centre on customised advanced treatment technologies and comprehensive, fully integrated treatment and service solutions," notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Karthikeyan Ravikumar. "Superior product quality, coupled with effective after sales services, has resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction."

With Jean Michel at the helm, the company has successfully shifted from a market segment-based approach (which involved the division of the water industry into three segments: municipal, industrial water and industrial wastewater treatment) to one focused on water and wastewater treatment technologies.

"Realising that the key expertise of VWS was in technologies, Jean Michel emphasised the company's strategic focus on water and wastewater treatment technologies, placing technology at the core of the company's water and wastewater treatment value offering to customers," explains Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Fredrick Harry Royan. "This focus has become central to the business strategy of VWS."

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