Along the motorway at 150 degrees below freezing

09-Nov-2009 - Germany

It often used to be the case that a breakdown in the storage or transportation of laboratory samples would lead to the loss of months or years of research work. More and more companies from the medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries are therefore entrusting their valuable refrigerated shipments to specialists like Neumaier GmbH. The logistics experts have just fitted their goods fleet with a set of new freezers. The mobile freezing cabinets, which are in continuous operation moving goods from A to B, cover the different refrigeration classes +4 °C, -20 °C, -80 °C and -150 °C. If required, the company can also store refrigerated items: in the central depot, individually lockable freezer cabinets and containers for highly sensitive cryogenic material (up to -196 °C) are available.

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