ELEMICA and RubberNetwork Connect The Chemical And Rubber Industries

Hub-to-Hub Connection Drives Value for Trading Partners


Atlanta, GA., and Wayne, PA. June 10, 2002 - Elemica, an enabler of inter-company commerce for buyers and sellers of chemicals and related products, and RubberNetwork, the Strategic Sourcing Consortium for the tire and rubber industry, today announced an agreement to create a hub-to-hub connection. This connection will facilitate more efficient commerce between the tire companies participating in RubberNetwork and their chemical suppliers in the Elemica trading network.

The hub-to-hub interoperability agreement will facilitate cross-industry transactions between members of Elemica and RubberNetwork. Tire and rubber industry companies and their chemical industry suppliers are seeking the most efficient method to place orders and receive confirmations, shipping notification and invoices. The RubberNetwork-Elemica connection will support more efficient processes and lead to greater collaboration in supply chain optimization and inventory savings. "We want to move quickly to get the necessary transaction connections in place for our members and suppliers, and see our partnership with Elemica as a means to do that more efficiently," said Phil Ringo, Chairman & CEO of RubberNetwork.

Through the RubberNetwork-Elemica hub-to-hub connection, members of RubberNetwork will be able to place orders through that hub intended for one or more of their chemical suppliers in the Elemica trading network. Elemica will route the orders to the correct supplier, based on pre-existing contractual arrangements between supplier and customer.

"We are excited to add this partnership with RubberNetwork as another example of Elemica's strategy to drive value-added industry connections for our members and alliance partners," explained Elemica President and CEO, Kent Dolby. "The increasing momentum of our hub-to-hub connections enhances the connectivity of the chemical industry to its critical customer segments. By 'connecting once', chemical companies that have selected Elemica will be able to cost-effectively transact business with the leading companies in the tire and rubber industry through our connection to RubberNetwork."

"This powerful alliance between Elemica and RubberNetwork will enable Bayer to link our supply chain with the supply chains of multiple customers in the tire and rubber industry through one industry connection", stated Udo Lindemann, Global eBusiness Project, Bayer Rubber Business Group.

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