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LABVOLUTION 2019: Spotlight on the integrated laboratory


Modern laboratory practice is a fast-changing area characterized by growing digitization, automation, ever more complex workflows, and interaction at all levels. The next LABVOLUTION show is picking up on these trends with a strong focus on digital integration and connectivity, as evidenced by its chosen lead theme, The Integrated Lab. The theme encompasses everything from digitization and integration at process and component level to connectivity at global level between people in labs, among research centers, between providers and markets and between research and industry. LABVOLUTION is Europe's flagship fair for innovative lab equipment and laboratory workflow optimization. It will next be held from 21 to 23 May, in Hannover, Germany.

"In most cases there is still a yawning chasm between what's technologically possible and what actually happens day to day in the lab," commented Dr. Andreas Gruchow, a member of the Managing Board of Deutsche Messe as the organizers of LABVOLUTION. "That's why we have LABVOLUTION – so that technology users from key sectors of the lab industry can find the solutions they need in order to get their laboratories ready for competition in the digital age. LABVOLUTION is also an important international platform for dialogue on current issues relating to Lab 4.0, laboratory workflows, the role of big data in bioanalytics, the need for common standards, the challenges of security, and many other aspects of the overarching integration theme."

LABVOLUTION documents and showcases every facet of laboratory practice. That's technology, infrastructure and analytics solutions for labs in all sectors, including the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries, the life sciences, biotechnology, environmental technology, food technology, medicine and R&D. LABVOLUTION leverages its location in the heart of Europe (Hannover) to connect its exhibitors with a core constituency of trade visitors from northern, eastern and western Germany, the Benelux states, France, the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Poland and parts of Eastern Europe.

LABVOLUTION is still a very young show. Having grown out of the long-established BIOTECHNICA show in 2015, it has since carved out a niche for itself as Europe's flagship lab tech trade show for the odd-numbered years. This history also explains why LABVOLUTION's visitor reach extends beyond the industrial sector and includes a strong following of decision-makers from the R&D sector, who use the show to keep up to date with the latest developments, source equipment for their laboratories and network with their peers. This is another example of the show's lead theme in action: decision-makers from industry and R&D making connections at LABVOLUTION and sparking new ideas, new partnerships and new business.

smartLAB and forums create added value

smartLAB is without doubt one of the major highlights and visitor magnets at LABVOLUTION and will be in its third season in 2019. It is a special showcase that paints a highly realistic picture of tomorrow's intelligent, digitally integrated laboratories. It is where big-name players from science and industry join forces to demonstrate the exciting applications that will soon be possible in the lab sector thanks to current and emerging developments in automation, IT, sensor systems, big data and other fields of technology.

LABVOLUTION has many other value-adding features besides smartLAB. Its supporting program, for example, features various events where visitors can expand their knowledge, compare notes with their peers, make new contacts and undertake continuing professional development. Examples here include the BIOTECHNICA FORUM, with its presentations, talks and lectures, and the LabUSER Forum, with its lineup of presentations and training courses.

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    21-05 – 23-05
    Hanover, DE


    LABVOLUTION is Europe's flagship fair for innovative lab equipment and laboratory workflow optimization, and the 2019 showcase is coming up fast. LABVOLUTION 2019 will be themed "The Integrated Lab", signaling the show's strong focus on the connectivity megatrend. As the flagship European ... more

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