Boards of E. Merck KG Newly Elected

29-Jan-2019 - Germany

At the Partners’ Meeting of E. Merck KG (EM), last weekend the Merck family partners elected their representatives to the Family Board and Board of Partners in a regularly scheduled election held every five years. The incumbent chairmen of these two boards were re-elected:

  • Dr. Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp (70), Chairman of the Family Board of E. Merck KG since 2014 (simultaneously Deputy Chairman of the Board of Partners; Chairman of the Executive Board and personally liable partner of EM) and
  • Johannes Baillou (53), Chairman of the Board of Partners of E. Merck KG since 2014 (simultaneously Deputy Chairman of both the Family Board and the Executive Board and personally liable partner of EM).

The nine-member Board of Partners was elected by the Family Board. Among others, two external members were re-elected and two external members were newly elected. The latter are:

  • Michael Kleinemeier (61), Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE responsible for the Digital Business Services organization and
  • Helene von Roeder (48), Member of the Management Board and CFO of Vonovia SE.

Together with Dr. Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp and Johannes Baillou mentioned previously, as well as Dr. Wolfgang Büchele (59), Dr. Katharina Kraft (36), Prof. Dr. Helga Rübsamen-Schaeff (70), Dr. Daniel Thelen (44) and Dr. Simon Thelen (39), they form the Board of Partners.

Prof. Dr. Gregor Schulz (68) and Prof. Dr. Theo Siegert (71) are no longer members.

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