26-Feb-2019 - Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY

For Start-ups and Founders: Inauguration of DESY Innovation Village

The new DESY Innovation Village is the place for start-ups and innovative projects at DESY

“I Love Innovation” was the fitting motto with which the DESY Innovation Village was officially inaugurated on Valentine’s Day, in the presence of DESY’s Board of Directors and representatives of the federal and local Hamburg governments. It will offer DESY start-ups offices, workshops and laboratory space.The DESY Innovation Village currently has a floor space of approx. 1000 square metres.

The inauguration ceremony was followed by an open founder’s colloquium, at which a variety of seminars were offered for young entrepreneurs and people interested in starting a company. They covered a wide range of topics, from legal issues, through financial options to the structure of a company.

“The DESY Innovation Village is one of our central means to advance innovation, new ideas and the transfer of knowledge and technology on the campus. It demonstrates that these issues have been a focus of DESY’s efforts in recent years,” says Helmut Dosch, the chairman of DESY’s Board of Directors. He adds that “on top of this, opening the DESY Innovation Village is a first building block, which is moving the aspect of innovation and transfer forward within the overall concept of Science City Bahrenfeld.”

Arik Willner, DESY’s CTO and representative for innovation, is very pleased with the completion: “The DESY Innovation Village is an important pillar of our innovation strategy; this is where you can see the innovative impact of fundamental research. It is incredibly important to us to have created a good working environment for the successful growth of our start-ups and that we are continuing to expand and consolidate the ecosystem for them.”

In addition to the DESY Innovation Village, two other buildings for start-ups and innovative projects will also be going up over the coming years: the Innovation Centre and the Technology and Founders’ Centre. Until they have been completed, the DESY Innovation Village will primarily be used by DESY start-ups. In the long run, additional innovation activities at DESY are to find a home here, such as teams working on validation projects and employees in the run-up to starting their own companies.

The planned Innovation Centre is a joint project between DESY, the university and the city of Hamburg. Construction work on the building on Luruper Chaussee is due to begin in the spring of 2019. The Technology and Founders’ Centre is being designed by DESY as a federal institution and hopes to attract new companies in the fields of life sciences, biotechnology and new materials. The structure and facilities provided by these incubators are designed to offer knowledge-based start-ups an ideal setting in a scientifically driven context, in which DESY will serve as an anchor institute.

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