BASF to expand production capacity for Sodium Methylate in Brazil

09-Apr-2019 - Brazil

BASF will increase the production capacity for its sodium methylate plant in Guaratinguetá, Brazil. The nameplate capacity will increase by 30%, from currently 60,000 metric tons to 80,000 metric tons. The new capacity will come onstream in 2020.

Sodium Methylate is an efficient and reliable catalyst that provides a sustainable solution for the production and use of Biodiesel, meeting the requirements of engine manufacturers for high-quality fuels and lower emissions. Sodium methylate supports higher yields and low preparation cost for Biodiesel.

With this expansion, BASF will support the growth of its Sodium Methylate customers. Brazil is an important and significant market for Biodiesel and corresponding catalysts. Customers’ demands, and requirements have been evolving to accomplish the environmental and economic strategy of the country, supporting the local agriculture and biofuels production.

“We will invest to join our customers in their fast growth and to support their future requirements. This will reinforce our commitment to serve them by providing a local and reliable supply of sodium methylate,” said Alejandro Heine, Vice President, BASF Industrial Chemicals South America.

BASF´s site in Guaratinguetá, Brazil, is ideally suited for the investment to supply the growing customer demand in Brazil and other South American countries. The site is close to the leading biodiesel producers in Brazil, as well as close to Santos port providing logistic advantages for exports to the region.

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