23-Jun-2020 - BASF SE

Kurt Bock elected as new chairman of the Supervisory Board of BASF SE

Successor to Jürgen Hambrecht, who is leaving the Supervisory Board as planned

The Supervisory Board of BASF SE has elected Dr. Kurt Bock as the new chairman of the Supervisory Board of BASF SE. Bock had previously been elected to the Supervisory Board of BASF SE by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting as a shareholder representative. The term runs until the end of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in 2024.

Bock succeeds Dr. Jürgen Hambrecht, who, as announced by him before his election to the Supervisory Board by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on May 3, 2019, resigned from the Supervisory Board at the end of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2020 and thus left the Supervisory Board.

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