05-Aug-2022 - SALD BV

Nano start-up SALD opens up to investors

"Our patented technology will revolutionize entire industries."

Dutch company SALD BV (Eindhoven), a specialist in "Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition" (SALD) surface technology, is opening up to investors for the first time. "We have largely completed the technological development, achieved first commercial successes on the world market and are now ready to accelerate growth through outside capital," says CEO Frank Verhage. He elaborates, "Our multi-patented process for applying coatings as thin as a single atom on an industrial scale has the potential to revolutionize entire industries." The company expects sales to double in 2022, as they did last year.

Nanocoatings, which are composed of atom-thin layers of different substances stacked on top of each other, are considered "the next big thing." They represent the key technology, for example, for solar panels with maximum efficiency, organic electronic chips with 5- to 7-nanometer structures, ultra-thin tear-resistant packaging films, technotextiles with novel properties and batteries that power electric cars for well over 1,000 kilometers without recharging. After decades of laboratory research, SALD CEO Frank Verhage is convinced that the cross-sectional technology of "Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition" (SALD) required for this is on the threshold of industrial mass production. Some 45 industrial companies worldwide are reportedly interested in integrating SALD technology into their manufacturing processes. The new capital will be used to expand research and production.

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