Second quarter impacted by declines in glyphosate business

Group sales fall by 8.2 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.) to 11.044 billion euros

10-Aug-2023 - Germany

Bayer published detailed results for the second quarter of 2023, after having already communicated key figures for the three-month period and lowering its outlook for full-year 2023. The revised guidance was mainly due to a significant further decline in sales of glyphosate-based products at the Crop Science Division. Sales at Pharmaceuticals were stable on a currency- and portfolio-adjusted basis (Fx & portfolio adj.), while earnings were down year on year. Consumer Health registered higher sales (Fx & portfolio adj.) and also increased earnings.

Group sales declined by 8.2 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.) to 11.044 billion euros in the second quarter. There was a negative currency effect of 553 million euros (Q2 2022: positive currency effect of 915 million euros). EBITDA before special items declined by 24.5 percent to 2.527 billion euros. This figure included a negative currency effect of 120 million euros (Q2 2022: positive currency effect of 300 million euros). By contrast, the company registered income across all divisions totaling around 481 million euros due to a decrease in provisions for the Group-wide Short-Term Incentive program. EBIT came in at minus 956 million euros (Q2 2022: plus 169 million euros) after net special charges of 2.490 billion euros (Q2 2022: 2.111 billion euros) that primarily related to unscheduled impairment testing in the Crop Science Division. As a result, net income came in at minus 1.887 billion euros (Q2 2022: minus 298 million euros). Core earnings per share decreased by 36.8 percent to 1.22 euros.

Free cash flow amounted to minus 473 million euros (Q2 2022: plus 1.140 billion euros), primarily due to the decline in business at the Crop Science Division. At 39.620 billion euros, net financial debt as of June 30, 2023, was 9.8 percent higher than at the end of March 2023.

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