Hy2gen expands into the USA for the production of renewable fuels

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Hy2gen, the global developer, owner, and operator of facilities for the production of renewable hydrogen and hydrogen derived e-fuels, is expanding into the US with its fifth wholly-owned, country-specific subsidiary, Hy2gen USA Inc. Hy2gen USA joins its sister subsidiaries operating in France, Germany, Norway, and Canada to extend the company’s global footprint in developing, owning, and operating large-scale renewable “green“ hydrogen production plants. The move enables Hy2gen to more effectively focus resources on bringing emerging projects in the United States to fruition. Hy2gen USA Inc.'s first planned project will be a 300 MW electrolysis-to-e-Methanol plant for a global maritime customer. Hy2gen USA intends to expand its production portfolio with at least two more projects producing renewable fuels for the marine and aviation sectors at various locations. 

“Hy2gen USA Inc. will advance the production of renewable fuels in the USA with a first project for a global player from the maritime sector,” says Hy2gen CEO Cyril Dufau-Sansot. “To this end, we are developing, building, and operating new production facilities for e-methanol and other renewable fuels such as SAF (sustainable aviation fuel). The USA obviously has great potential for growing a sales market for renewable fuels once the framework conditions for their production are fully lined up. To produce renewable fuels, we need large amounts of renewable electricity, which is available in the US at interesting pricing options. The US excels in the hydrogen economy with tax incentives and expedited, technology-open permitting processes. This provides companies like us with reliable framework conditions that give them a crucial starting advantage in upcoming investment decisions.”

Strong support from local and international partners

David White, Managing Director of Hy2gen USA Inc., will lead these first three projects supplying near-term demand to maritime and aviation customers. “Due to my colleagues’ experience in the EU and our company’s competency with EU RED II regulations,” White notes, “we are well prepared to meet US hydrogen production standards when they are finalized and are initiating significant projects in the United States. The enthusiastic participation of local/regional supply chain partners, together with our major product off-takers, now enables us to start to decarbonize the hard-to-abate industries for which electrification is not a solution.”

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