03-Jun-2010 - The Dow Chemical Company

Dow Raises Prices for all Polyols, MDI and Polyurethane Systems in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Dow Europe GmbH, Dow Polyurethanes and Dow Formulated Systems will raise prices for all Polyols, MDI and for polyurethane systems up to 250 Euro per metric ton in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The increase is effective immediately or as contracts allow. This step is being taken to mitigate unprecedented price increases in key raw materials.

According to Steven English, business director, Polyurethanes and Juan Antonio Merino, general manager, Dow Formulated Systems, “The costs of the primary raw materials for our polyurethane products and systems have more than doubled compared to early 2009. While we understand the impact of the economic downturn on our customers, this price increase is essential for our continued ability to deliver services and solutions to the industry.

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