BASF Introduces Antique Color Chip guide on CD-ROM

'Like having a time machine in the paint shop' for rare and classic vehicles


SOUTHFIELD, Mich., July 31. 2002 - Matching the original color on a classic or vintage car -- for example, a 1942 Nash -- can be pretty tricky. Now restorers and collectors of older cars have a new resource available from BASF that takes the guesswork and waste out of choosing and mixing the color they need: The BASF Antique Color Chip CD-ROM.

The Antique Color Chip CD contains digital images of more than 5,700 color chips, covering models from 1936 to 1972. Makes and models represented include:

* Chrysler, Chrysler-Imperial, Plymouth, Dodge and DeSoto. * Ford, Lincoln, Edsel and Mercury. * Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC Truck, Oldsmobile and Pontiac. * AMC, Hudson, Nash and Rambler. * Kaiser, Auburn, Crosley, Graham, Pierce-Arrow, Reo and Studebaker.

"We know how important authenticity is when you're restoring or repairing a classic car," said Paul Marshall, Color Lab Technical Manager, BASF Automotive Refinish, in Whitehouse, Ohio. "These cars are rare and often very valuable, and the owners are very particular about matching the original color-and matching it exactly. That was always a challenge, but this new CD enables a paint technician to determine the proper code quickly."

Most color formulas are available in the Glasurit(R), R-M(R) and Limco(R) 1-2-3-4 lines, and can be found using BASF's SmartColor(R) or SmartTrak(R)2 electronic formula-retrieval systems.

The Antique Color Chip CD-ROM is available at no cost through BASF distributors. According to Marshall, the CD is easy to use. "Simply insert it into your computer drive and point and click to the color you want," said Marshall. "You can search by manufacturer, car line and model information."

With so many formulas, the new Antique Color Chip CD can eliminate most of the trial-and-error involved in matching colors from the past. "When it comes to refinishing these beauties from long ago, this CD is like having a time machine in the paint shop," said Marshall, who led the team that developed the Antique Color Chip CD.

R-M, Limco, SmartColor and SmartTrak are registered trademarks of BASF Corporation. Glasurit is a registered trademark of BASF Coatings AG. Helping Make Products Better is a trademark of BASF Corporation.

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