18-Jan-2011 - Solvias AG

Solvias opens new Corporate Location

On February 2, 2011, Solvias' new office and laboratory building is officially opened.

Just in time for the New Year, the company relocated from Basel to Kaiseraugst. The new laboratories offer more space to provide the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry with the spectrum of services that includes analysis of large and small molecules, solid-state development, and process analytical technology with fiber optic probes. For Solvias the advantage is clear: many employees, who so far worked from various locations, are now shaping the company’s future together united under one roof in Kaiseraugst.

Increasing the capacity and laboratories with the latest technology

“Our processes will clearly be optimized by the close cooperation of individual departments and the shorter distances,” says Hansjörg Walter, CEO of Solvias AG. “Now, we are able to serve our customers more swiftly and more efficiently.” This concept did not only consider the present but also the future. Interior rooms are designed with moveable partition walls allowing the building to be utilized for multiple purposes. Installations can be adapted swiftly and without interrupting operations.

Solvias provides primarily analytical services for the pharmaceutical industry on 6,400 square meters of laboratory space (14,000 square meters of gross floor space). The accessible temperature-controlled rooms have clearly created an increased capacity for stability studies. To satisfy market demands for early stage projects requiring limited sample quantities, Solvias applies the latest technology in high-throughput screening and introduces salt programs with significantly reduced sample quantities. A corporate center of excellence for chemical development completes the integrated services by Solvias. This center provides such special services as the production of pharmaceutical agents to the clinical phase II a, which for now, remains at the Basel location.

Plenty of space for the future

After a construction period of only one and a half years, the new laboratory and administrative building was completed and delivered to Credit Suisse and Solvias AG. The construction costs including the purchase of the property were 70 million Swiss Francs. An additional piece of land measuring 6,800 square meters is available as a reserve for future growth. A two-story base building surrounds the L-shaped 5-story main structure and it provides 300 workspaces. A restaurant with outdoor seating areas for employees, a conference room, and coffee zones on each floor are inviting spaces to exchange new ideas.

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