Wilbur-Ellis Company Obtains License to Operate as a Specialty Chemicals and Ingredients Distributor in Vietnam

24-May-2011 - Viet Nam

Connell Brothers (Vietnam) Company, a subsidiary of Wilbur-Ellis Company, will operate as a fully licensed distributor of specialty industrial chemicals and ingredients in the Vietnam market, allowing the company to expand and simplify its distribution operations for its customers and suppliers. CBC Vietnam services local, regional and multinational customers and suppliers in the following core industries: coatings and inks; plastics and rubber; personal and household care; ingredients for the food processing and beverage industries; construction; ceramics; textiles; water treatment; adhesives; lube oils; animal feed and other industry segments.

CBC Vietnam was granted approval from the Vietnam government to conduct business as a fully licensed distributor, transitioning from a representative office, a status Wilbur-Ellis's Connell Brothers Company Division has held since 1994. CBC was the first United States-based industrial specialty chemicals and ingredients distribution company to re-establish a presence in Vietnam after the U.S. trade embargo was lifted in 1993.

"For several years, we've been committed to servicing customers and suppliers in Vietnam, providing superior specialty chemicals and ingredients sourced from a broad base of suppliers for a wide range of industries," said Ted Eliot, president of CBC. "By investing in Vietnam, we are well-positioned to participate in the tremendous potential of this rapidly growing market by providing a high-standard of services to our customers and suppliers."

As a fully-licensed distributor, CBC Vietnam will provide a high-standard of distribution services for customers and suppliers in the Vietnam market. The license will allow CBC Vietnam to operate its normal, full-service distribution business on a competitive basis throughout Vietnam through its offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Additionally, CBC Vietnam will have full control of product storage and handling to assure customers and suppliers of our high-standards in this service.

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