Messer supplies nitrogen unit for reactor cooling at Lanxess

24-Oct-2011 - Germany

Messer, the largest privately run industrial gases specialist, is installing a reactor cooling unit at Lanxess Deutschland AG. The so-called Cryocontrol unit, which uses cryogenic liquid nitrogen as a coolant, will be used for rubber-related research and development purposes at the Dormagen site. The start-up of this unit provides Messer with a new reference in the field of reactor cooling.

In modern pharmaceutical and fine chemical production (e.g. in the production of active ingredients), very low process temperatures are often required in reactors. These low temperatures help to ensure targeted control of synthesis steps or to increase product yield. Temperature requirements as low as -100 °C are not unusual. As a rule, high temperatures are also required in the same process step. The Cryocontrol process uses cryogenic liquid nitrogen to produce these low temperatures.

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