Albemarle Announces Changes to Its Board

10-Nov-2011 - USA

Albemarle Corporation announced that its Board of Directors has elected Jim W. Nokes as non-executive Chairman of the Board, effective February 1, 2012.  Albemarle also announced the retirement of Executive Chairman Mark C. Rohr, effective February 1, 2012.  Luther ("Luke") C. Kissam, IV, Albemarle's President and Chief Executive Officer, was also elected to the Board effective November 2, 2011.

Mr. Nokes joined the Albemarle Board as a director in 2009.  Mr. Nokes previously served, until April 30, 2006, as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Refining, Marketing, Supply and Transportation of ConocoPhillips, an international, integrated energy company and has over three decades of expertise in the global refining industry.  Mr. Nokes also serves as a director of Tesoro Corporation, an independent refiner and marketer of petroleum products.

Mr. Kissam was appointed by the Board of Directors to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company on July 13, 2011, effective September 1, 2011.  Mr. Kissam, age 47, was named President in March 2010.  Mr. Kissam previously served as Executive Vice President, Manufacturing and Law, and Secretary of the Company having joined in September 2003 as Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary.

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