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Research and Markets: Global chemical industry 2013 - new challenges being created for an already highly regulated industry


Research and Markets has announced the addition of the"Global Chemical Industry" report to their offering.

The global chemical industry has historically being concentrated in three world regions consisting primarily of the North American region, Western Europe and Japan. The European Community remains the largest producer area followed by the USA and Japan. However of late, the dominance of these three regions (together known as the Triad) is being increasingly challenged by changes in feedstock availability and price, labor cost, energy cost, differential rates of economic growth and environmental pressures.

And on top of this, the most influential in this phenomenon has been the changing structure of the worldwide chemical industry with the growing regions including India, China, Brazil, Middle East and South East Asia starting to increase their influence in this industry.

There is a shift in production from the traditional regions like Europe, the United States and Japan to the rest of the world, especially Asia. In 10 years, Europe's share of the world production of chemical products fell from 31 to around 27%, as Asia's rose from 13 to 23%.

Developments in the last decade show that the EU was the leader in world chemicals sales but has lost ground against Asia. Comparing 2007 to 1997, the contribution of the EU to world chemical sales was reduced by 2.7 percentage points. In fact, Europe's sales have been growing continuously, but world chemical sales are growing faster. The value of word chemicals sales has increased by 60% in 2007 compared to 1997.

With new regulations like REACH and other climate change regulations gaining prominence, there are new challenges being created for an already highly regulated industry.

This report explains the deepening impact of the current financial crisis which has hit the global chemical industry before it has progressed onto the other sectors of the world economies. In conclusion, the report presents close understanding of the major chemical players such as Dow Chemical, DuPont, Total, Exxon, Shell, and others through tools as SWOT analysis and presents in detail the financial performances of the world majors. Overall, This research report Global Chemical Industry is a comprehensive and elaborate study which will equip the reader with a strong fundamental basis of this industry as well as give new insights for further analysis.

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