BASF raises prices for all Polyetheramines globally

11-Mar-2013 - Germany

Effective immediately or as existing contracts allow, BASF is raising prices for its polyetheramines portfolio globally by €0,10 per kilogram with immediate effect or the equivalent amount in local currency.


Material Markenname
Polyetheramine D230 Baxxodur® EC 301
Polyetheramine D400 Baxxodur EC 302
Polyetheramine D2000 Baxxodur EC 303
Polyetheramine T403 Baxxodur EC 310
Polyetheramine T5000 Baxxodur EC 311


Polyetheramines are intermediate chemicals used in the production of plastics, polyurea coatings, adhesives and reaction injection moulding (RIM). They are also used as curing agents for epoxy resins.

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