OCSiAl Builds Worldwide Partnership Network

19-Nov-2014 - Luxembourg

OCSiAl is now focused on creating a worldwide partnership network. Facing a growing worldwide demand for new materials and solutions on one side, and a great interest of industrial manufacturers in providing these solutions without major changes in their business models and production processes on the other, OCSiAl presented the material TUBALL as an answer to these demands six months ago and now launches a partnership program.

The partnership program is compatible with various business models and can suit different types of companies, including product manufacturers,solution providers and large-scale distributors.

“Analytical studies suggest that the nanomaterials market will experience rapid growth in the next five to ten years, — says Yuri Koropachinskiy, OCSiAl’s President and co-founder — If you want to be there in 2025 — now is the time to start.”

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